Lockdown Unlocked – A blog from a social distance by Thomas Willshire #8 Self-Worth & Friends

When we were first plunged into lockdown my initial concerns were more about the pubs than anything else. As I’ve stated in previous entries, they play host to my most fruitful non-acting work and they’re also one of my favourite places to be. As the nature of lockdown became clear, however, I realised its largest impact would be on my mental health. I must point out that my experiences with poor mental health (before and during lockdown) have been very mild. Everyone who suffers from depression goes through it in their own way and I consider myself very lucky to only live with a splash of it. Since my late twenties I’ve struggled to keep my self-worth rating above ‘waste Read More

Lockdown Unlocked – A blog from a social distance by Thomas Willshire #7 Fergal

In an earlier post I wrote rather unflatteringly about my dog, Fergal. I called him ‘Darling Mr Fuck Paws’ and ‘The Hairy Little Prick’ and so on. Well, this morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was two keen eyes blinking beneath a wagging tail and it occurred to me I ought to set the record straight. The lockdown has been incredibly hard but Fergal, bless him, has played a large part in making it bearable. I didn’t even want a dog. The idea struck me as absurd. Why on earth would Polly and I volunteer to take on ten to fifteen years worth of worry and responsibility?  I didn’t grow up with animals and I suspect Read More