How do I submit my piece?
You do it through the Submissions page.

Can my piece have appeared on my blog?
Yes. Just no other websites, journals or publications.

Do I have to have received a formal rejection?
No. But it does have to have been submitted to at least one other outlet, who turned it down, either explicitly or just by ignoring you. And you need to have asked yourself, seriously, if they might not have been right to do that. And decided: No, they weren’t.

How do I prove that?
You don’t have to. We trust you. You seem like an honourable person.

I didn’t have a specific outlet in mind when I created the work, and only later found the appropriate journal, competition or website to send it to. Is this acceptable?

That sounds fine to us.

How long or short does it have to be?
There is no minimum word count. As a rough guide, 10,000 words is the usual maximum, but if you would like to submit a longer piece it will be considered.

Does the Library publish everything it receives?
No. The Librarians reserve the right to reject material on any grounds whatsoever. Including the caprices of their nature.

Are any subjects off limits?
Adult material is allowed. Although the Librarians don’t enjoy hate speech, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or the attacking of other minority groups. Play nicely, please.

Can I submit something other than writing?
Yes. If you have artwork, animation, photos or videos, these will all be considered.

Who owns the work once it appears on the Library?
Copyright remains with the creator of the piece.

Do you edit the items before publication?
Nope. We will accept them as they are, or not at all. No changes will be made, either for content or length.

What if someone wants to buy something I’ve made?
If you are contacted directly and the piece is accepted elsewhere, please let the Librarians know and we will remove it from our archive. If The Library is contacted with regard to an item, and it is subsequently bought, a standard 10% agent’s fee applies.

Will you supply feedback on why a piece was rejected?
We will always acknowledge your submission, but probably won’t give detailed feedback if we have chosen not to take it.